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Re: WinBorg.7.Ultimate.SP1.x64.March.(2015)-SOPORIFIC

Post by maze438 » Wed Dec 21, 2016 11:15 pm


I see that my post's been edited. I can understand the need for some editing, in very specific circumstances.

It would be nice for the editor to clearly specify who/what/why/when.
Who edited the post? What was edited? Why was it edited? When was it edited.

Silently editing posts is a very slippery slope...

It would be even nicer if users followed rules, and common sense. If staff were to spend time on clearly specifying everything to every user who doesn't, there wouldn't be time do to anything else. And keep in mind moderators try to have a life off-site too. (!)
But sure, here are a few pointers: Do not make multiple consecutive posts. If you think of more to say within minutes, and no one else has replied yet, edit your original post. Stay on topic. Do not make multiple same content or similar posts. And so forth.
As this is now moved to a Discussion-section, there will be somewhat less constrictions (as long as the main board rules are still followed, ofc).

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Re: WinBorg.7.Ultimate.SP1.x64.March.(2015)-SOPORIFIC

Post by LordDan » Wed Dec 21, 2016 11:34 pm


It says it was edited by YOU 11 minutes after you posted it... When the moderators edit posts, they will always note that they did it, although not always indicating why, but usually they'll note something for a reason (such as 'not following posting rules', but not necessarily indicating exactly what rule was broken).

With rare exception, I've seen it when the moderators edit posts, and they've always been in appropriate taste and consistency when doing so.


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