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Welcome to We are a community based ED2K link indexing site for files available for download on the eDonkey and Kad peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing networks. We list ED2K hashes that can be used with eMule and a number of other P2P clients. Using such a program enables you to download any file you see listed on the site from other participants (peers) on these networks.
However, the files themselves are not hosted here.
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View the latest post network services.

Hiya all,

I am glad and proud to write this little service announcement. This is meant to inform you about the services we at provide for all our users.
I'm actually going to talk about 3 services in particular, and our Encrypted IRC chat service.


First off i would like to inform all of you that the image hosting service has been reopened and is working as a charm. Everyone can upload images to this host and be sure that your images are safeguarded.
It's a very basic version that allows MULTIUPLOAD and hotlinking, meaning you can use the images you upload on whatever site you want.

here's a little something of what we have planned for the future:

Current version= 2.0.18
Code: Select all
- Full dB implementation (MySQL; PG, etc)
- 3 sizes implementation for each image (discussion)
- Statistics
- User registration and upload management

- Twitter API integration
- Multi remote upload

- API modes for file-manager
- Private mode

- File manager
- dB (PDO) introduction (filelist, manage, etc)
- id encoder/decoder based on encryption

As you can see improvements to the script are coming and it will only get better and better.
So if you are ever in need of a reliable image host without any limitations you know where to go ;)


The other service is without a doubt a very practical service and that's why we need to get the word out about it.

Image is a P2P news aggregator. We created this service to give you up-to-date news about what's going on in the world of internet filesharing. It has newsfeeds from every reliable and respected P2P news site and even keeps you updated about new verified scenereleases (vcdquality).

There isn't much to say about this service, you just need to find out for yourself, so go take a look.



And lastly this last service we provide is the least known of all yet it has been here the longest.
We provide our users of this board a means to get direct support by using IRC to chat to us in realtime. Lots of users however do not like fiddling with IRC chat clients and setting up secure environments for it.

That's is where we come in.

We provide you with a no-download java IRC client. It's as easy as clicking a link.
You automatically are connected through a 128bit SSL connection and get a random name.

Here's what you need to do to get in the chatroom:

1)Click this link


2)You will see this screen pop up


3)Check the BOX and click RUN


5)Proof of secure connection


Come join us in the channel and chat with the staff and other members.

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View the latest post Forum back to normal again

Just a quickie announcement for those who were worried it was just them:
The forum was borked for close to 8 hrs, but is now back to normal. :)

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View the latest post Posts needing approval

Please do not panic.
We seem to be experiencing a temporary glitch in our system.
Every post made by everyone, no matter who, ends up in moderation queue, and has to be approved by staff.
Please do not repost the same comment or topic, the original message is there and will be visible as soon as possible.

It means it is not just you.

Please relax, and things will go back to normal as soon as an administrator has had a chance to fix it (they do require some sleep occasionally).

Thank you for understanding!


STF Forum Moderator

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View the latest post There's a new governor in town...

As life goes on, people move on and new people have to step up and try on their shoes. This is true both in real and internet life.

Such time has come for STF again. Just like some years ago ZiN had to move on, now it's Wout000's time also. He's done amazing work around here and will be forever in the history books of STF.

Long story short, I have volunteered to be the new Governor and other admins have accepted this. I know some people here might not know me as I've not been the most active person on STF, but few people that are still active in the community can say they've been around longer them me. The original eDonkey2000, ShareReactor, eMule being born, the first version of PeerGuardian, The Real World closing down - I remember it all.

Will anything signficant change from this appointment? Nah, I don't think so. STF forum is at a mature state and a well oiled system. I do not intend to make any big changes. I just intend to keep the forum up.

Well, I think I've said enough. My door is always open, feel free to PM if you have any questions or suggestions, I will answer everyone and look into any problem.

Proud to be with you guys,

- CheGuevara

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View the latest post Upgrade to phpBB 3.0.10 successful

We are now flying at Mach 3.0.10!

Please report any problems you might have here.

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View the latest post UPDATE: Foreign Language Forums should be fixed now

UPDATE: Foreign Language Forums should be fixed now - finally

Thanks for bearing with us on this one. We finally found a way to fix all the old posts without breaking any new posts in the process.

The problems with the Unicode characters should now be fixed.

If you come across topics or posts that seem not to be fixed correctly, please use the "Report post" button to alert us about the problem and we will try to correct the it.

Thanks for your patience,

UPDATE: Foreign Language Forums no longer locked

The Foreign Language Forums have now been unlocked again. But before you start posting, please read the following:

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT fix topics and posts with incorrectly displayed characters. These posts will automatically be corrected at a later point in time. But the automatic correction will only work, if the posts remain as they are now. You will not be doing yourself and others a favor by trying to fix posts manually. You will be wasting your time and will be making the automatic conversion a nightmare for myself. And you don't want that. Trust me. :)

If you post in the Foreign Languages Forums, you must use normal Unicode characters. DO NOT try to use the incorrectly displayed characters from older topics and posts. Simply post as you would, if nothing had happened.
Feel free to use any of the w€Ï®d ©hārąçŦeƦƧ your language has to offer.

I have decided to lock the Foreign Language Forums for the time being. The reason is that since our server move, we are experiencing problems with Unicode characters being displayed incorrectly in posts made before the server move. Posts made after the server move, however, are displayed correctly.

Unfortunately, to fix this problem for the many old posts done over the past years, the new posts will become corrupted. Since this mainly affects the Foreign Language Forums, I would like to minimize the impact and frustration of losing posts for those people posting there. For that reason, I prefer to stop you from making new posts that will only get corrupted in a few days time.

I apologize for any inconvenience this will cause for our members that have contributed to the Foreign Language Forums since the server move, but I see no other way to fix this problem.

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